dr james whelan at university of memphis in tennessee

James P. Whelan, PhD

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Whelan is a Clinical Psychologist HSP and Professor of Psychology at the University of Memphis. He also holds the title of Executive Director of the TN Institute for Gambling Education and Research. Like the others on this team, Dr. Whelan received his doctoral training at the University of Memphis. He has published widely on important questions related gambling, prevention and gambling harms and gambling disorders. He has been recognized for his efforts to promote responsible gambling strategies and has been recognized by the gambling industry for his innovative ideas on how to implement safe gambling practices in casinos and online. In addition to presenting to both industry professionals and government regulators in the US and around the world, Dr. Whelan has served as a key member of the American Gaming Association’s collaborative on best responsible gambling practices. He was also the recipient of the 2022 Scientific Achievement Award from the International Center for Responsible Gambling.