Financial Info

Financial Info

For some the awareness of a gambling problems occur when they become distressed by rising debt or worry about paying bills. For others, efforts to change their gambling has brought their personal debt into focus. Either way, financial health can be recovered once the gambling becomes controlled or stopped. Once progress begins, it has been helpful for many to look at how to address debt and future financial health.

Addressing financial health can be hard step to take. It can also be an important one. We have learned that once someone has made some changes in their gambling, it is helpful for them to invest in what we call recovery capital. Recovery capital means making repair and build strengths in other parts of life. The more a person can invest in recovery capital the more successful the changes in gambling can be maintained. Facing financial distress and advancing financial wellbeing is an important aspect of capital recovery.

Important steps to take in building recover include:

• Complete a details and thorough analysis of all debts and recurring bills.

• Learn about potential sources of debt relief options from your creditors

• List all current or potential revenue resources

• Build a realistic and comprehensive budget

• Identify potential strengths and sources of threats to living within this budget

• Set up a plan to periodically review your success with the plan.

Soon, our website will provide some tutorials for financial planning and how to approach creditors. Until this content is developed explore the following resources in your local communities.